Boston doesn’t need your prayers

The “Cradle of Liberty” was attacked on “Patriots Day”, the day that folks here in Boston Mass (and many parts of NE) skip out of work to tip our hat to this city’s unique heritage by flooding the stands of Fenway, lining the sides of “heartbreak hill”, and gathering in yards and roof decks to BBQ and throw back some suds… For those that haven’t experienced it before, “Patriots Day” its more American than apple pie, Budweiser, and baseball combined, because it has all these, combined with a world class marathon, with the city flooded with people from all over (not just in fanuiel hall and the freedom trail!). It’s like the whole city is playing hooky to BBQ and have a few brews.

So it makes sense that when we where all rocked today, that I see a lot “Pray for Boston” posts…

But let me tell you, out of all the cities in the world, Boston, will take this on the chin, and keep being Boston without missing a beat: loud, arrogant, successful, and un-apologetic for it.

Save your prayers for the victims and their families, whose lives have been forever changed. (But already who already had a stroke of luck by being blocks away from debatably the best hospitals in the world staffed by some of the most competent and compassionate people).

Save your prayers for the cities that couldn’t take a shot like this and keep on moving.

Save your prayers for the places and people that are subjected to this stuff all the time.

But rest assured, next year on Patriots day, there are going to be more stubborn massholes out for patriots day then ever before.



My Occupy wall street rant

Honestly… Much like Socialism, I support the idea of this “occupy wall street” business. but I spit out my coffee that I wasn’t even drinking when I read their list of demands… For one reason, it was a list of demands! when is the last time demanding something got anyone anywhere? It is obvious we are dealing with a bunch of overly coddled puss bags. In this world, you don’t demand something and expect to get it unless you are a spoiled brat. No. What you do is find out where you are (point a) then you find out where you want to be (point b) and then you figure out how to get to from point a to point b.you create a list of needs, then you come up with a reasonable and believable method to to get from point a to point b. Then you organize. Grassroots campaigning. Tell people how you plan on getting from point a to point b in public forums. Get the word out. Find electable candidates that stand for what you are promoting. Put them in office. Everywhere. At the bottom. Then, 10 years later, if everyone is still interested in the same thing, you have a chance of it happening. But if you think that a bunch of liberal arts students sleeping in tents is going to change a damn thing you got another thing coming. They do this shit for fun at festivals all summer and everyone knows it. You wanna know why the news shows a bunch of dumb hippies? Cause that’s what the majority of the people that are standing for this thing are. No dountthere are a couple people that scored 4 digits on their SATs (and still could) but the majority could not. Listen I respect the protest. I respect the movement. But I do not respect this abomination of a list of demands. Pathetic. Embarrassing.  That is the best that this group could do after this much time. Come on. Demands…. Sure there were some good sentiments, but that’s about it. In the week or so that this has been going on you think there would be some sort of manifesto or plan, not just a list of things people want. Cripes. who ever is putting this on needs to get a grip, cause they a waisting precious energy. Energy that could be used actually doing something. Hopefully a few years from now when these kids are working and have real jobs, and are voting to lower taxes, cause they are broke as shit they can look back at this and try to rekindle some or the ire that they once had. But I’m worried thar this unorganized waste of energy will just leave them jaded after nothing comes of it, but bed bugs, and bunch of wet laundry. It’s the right idea, it’s just not being done right. Now get out there and prove me wrong. Eh?



Egypt blog (Cairo): Fine, it’s day 5 

For reelz? We have done so, much but it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. I mean, it feels like just yesterday I was crushing the Saharah, shasheying around on Camel with no name.

Oh, wait, whats that? It was yesterday? Ok, fine.

It’s Coptic day for for us. That means another pants day… My boys need to breeeeath!!

Drove through Tahir Square, a graph artist has earned my respect. “Enjoy the Revolution”. respect.

Our tour guide proceeds to expound upon us that he does not reccomend shopping on the streets of Cairo, but thinks that we can get better value, for cheap items from some mall. Dude, experience is of more value then anything. He talks about the pick pockets. Puh-lease. Try it, really. Come at me bro!

This trip is amazing. Once in a lifetime. Very smooth and easy. But it’s too easy sometimes. Life’s not about the destination, it’s about the trip. Not complaining one iota, because in order to do halfthe stuff we have planned, we gotta be regimental and efficient, on some Major Payne shit. But icant help but think about the stories I would have to tell, if i was forced/allowed to rent a car, and drive around this madness to get to where I want to go. Getting lost, hungry, scared, robbed, beat up a little maybe. Nobody wants any of this, but, it sure would be fun to laugh a out later.

We hit up the Citadel of Alah Al Adin , that houses the Mosque of Muhomad Ali (not the boxer, the “modernizier of Cairo” that took over from the Turks, but I’m not gunna spoon feed you anymore, get your ass on wiki and learn your damn self). Let me start by saying that you shouldn’t try to bring a knife with you there, i caused a small scene… Anyway… The place drips dopeness. Beautiful, marble everywhere. Then there was a veranda with a sick view, the security guard let me cross the fence, asked for a tip, a gave him a lighter.

We tried to go to some gold store. (really hoping I can get a slick rick dookie rope chain, or nothing. Are non-Italians allowed to wear gold in America? Anyway, the place wasnt open yet, so were gunna jet off to Coptic Cairo (coptic = Egyptian Christiens). I’m sure this will be beuatiful and ecerything, but I’m not excited. I get enough Jesus back in the states, sorry if your into that. I’m more Richard Dawkins then John Paul 2…

It was ok, these places are old, so you get some great stories. The “hanging church” where Abraham moved the hills. I can respect that.

When inside the Coptic museum about halfway through, the power shut off. Glad I wasnt in the elevator.

Next stop was the jewelry store. About a grand for a chincy bracelet. Eff that noise. I did get a gift for the GF, at a good price though.

As we drove home, the cops hit our van. Just another day in cairo traffic, where you see a donkey drive cart next to a guy with 6 propane tanks hanging off his moped, next to a brand new Benz. It got steve excited, so that’s cool.

We now have some down time for a bit. Discussions about lunch have started. I think we want to leave the prison of luxury that is our hotel. It’s not going to be easy, there is a pool, and it’s pretty hot today. We also have access to the luxury lounge, where we can get free snacks (bread cheese, fruit, ect).

We keep driving past sushi places. You couldn’t pay me enough. I have personally seen people fishing in the Nile, right next to our hotel… I’d rather eat glass shards.

Just the Saudi Embasi. Ballers. The end.

Just drove by the a condo complex operated by the 4 seasons. Average cost of a place= 10million. Apparently there is an elevator that you drive into, and take to your floor. The building was about 30 stories.

Back to the hotel. Poolside. Today is the first kinda hot day (nit even that bad, under 90), so it was nice to lay out and get a little bronze on the skin to get it ready for the next leg of the trip. While sitting there, i Uploaded and emailed some pics. Instant messaged the GF and some other peeps and listened to l some brother Ali. Dipped into the pool, and headed out for a nice dinner cocktail sunset sail along the Nile. It wad perfect, the food was catered from one of the best kitchens in all of Cairo, and it was great, the boat ride was very relaxing.

The back to the hotel to catch the last half of the free happy hour. Then we headed out the the floating resturant for some sheeshah, I tried grape, meh. Apple and Peach are each much better.

Now I’m packing up, cause at 6:15am it’s Cats, van, bags —> and off the the airport to fly south, deeper into egypt to the nile city of Aswan where we will see the temple built for the goddess Isis . Where we board the cruise ship that we will be spending 3 days on while travel north to Luxor and the valley of the kings. can’t wait!

Night y’all

Hope all my peeps in the north east aren’t bothered by the rain too much. Steve and I plan on brining back some of this african sunshine and warmth with us. See what happens when we leave?



Egypt Blog: Let’s call it day 4

Well, stayed up a bit too late, and only got 4 hours of shut eye. Anyway got up to hang out and watch the smog/fog/morning dew burn off the nile and Crammed a nice breakfast in my facehole , now we are off to see some pyramids (sacharra?), then a carpet school (still confused about this, sounds like tourist sanctioned Child labor sweatshop tour?) then lunch and the pyramids of Giza, the sphinx, a little camel riding lite (I say “light” because 1) I guess they are one humped camels that don’t spit 2) I think it’s more of a photo op then a real Dr. Indiana Jones whip snappin adventure. )

I’m very tired. And between you and me, I just realized that I forgot my passport in the hotel room, shhhhh… I hope we don’t get caught up in any of the “Palestine day Demonstrations” that I have heard about. (for some reason I think a passport would be beneficial?)

Steve has a to-go coffee cup. I’m going to see if I can drink it while he’s not paying attention. Muahaha

People LOVE putting faux animal pelts on their dashboards here. Note sure I get it. It’s so friggen dusty here, hey mist have to take it out and vacuum it 2ce per week, and I don’t think anyone owns a vacuum. Aka icky dash pelt.

Along the way, as we drive down the highway, we passed through about a mile long stretch of what can only be consider “the pj’s”. I know pjs when I see them, same everywhere right? Tall brick buildings, stacked too close to eachother. These where fairly new, many still in construction. This was an eye opener. Brought a whole new level to the pj game. I’ve seen some big projects before, but these take the cake. All you could see in any direction was brick skyscrapers.

The road out to where ever we are headed follows an irrigation canal, as we get further into the countywide, we start to see plots of land without buildings, with lush grass, Palm trees and some cabbage and corn farms.

Did I mention that steve looks wonderful today? No homo.

Not much “sprawl” here. Goes from city to country pretty quick. They must not have last summers Arcade Fire CD yet. The suburbs are so hip right now!

We’ve passed a couple pyramids, it got me to thinking, how many pharohs where there? Must have been a couple dozen every hundred years minimum. I’m guessing the pyramid fade lasted at minimum a few thousand years? At least I would hope. I mean, I wouldn’t want to spend my life directing slaves to build me an ornate tomb, just to have it be passé in a millenia, right. But at the same time, you gotta keep it fresh. Like, oh, you got a steppe ‘mid, well the sides on mine are flat hommie, we set up slip and slides n shit, like all the time, whachuknowboutthat? What? Ain’t got a sphinx? Better check yourself, man-lion statues are hot right now! But for real, you know that started all inocent, like a life sized dude-lion statue next to a tomb, and well, you know how guys are, just having pissing matches throught the ages, one-upping each other with crazy statues. how many other crazy chimera sculpture spinoffs do you think there where? What if the sphinx was a half assed version of a better one, a la “wings” to” cheers”. I bet here are some awesome shark-snake-man things

Kazarab was dope. Cool museum. Active excavations. A lot of telling us stories that might be true, and handing us pottery that had been broken, scattered and “found”, and was “thousands of years old”… I’m not buying it. Then our tour guide let us into a tomb that has been closed for 15 years. No photos allowed. Tour guid blamed the asians . Until our tour guide quietly told us us that he would distract the guard, and as long as we didn’t use flash we could sneak pictures.

I was wrong about the sphinxs. They started huge, then got smaller, and it’s always a lion man. Boooring (not really, still awesome)

Next up Foxconn Egypt. Aka the carpet school. Defi fly a cultural connection. Reality, kicking you in the face. Preteens working looms making elaborat huge carpets out of silk by memory. Banksy style, they have you exit theought They tried to sell us some after, even if they where affordable the gift shop, where they have huge room filled with carpets, each one representing the wasted youth, and arthritic hands of a 20 year old child. I guess that’s life here. I would have give. The kids cash if I thought they would get to keep it after I left…

Next was lunch, perfect timing, you know how watching child labor always works up a healthy appetite. Lunch was awesome best Kafka yet. At a beautiful resort, with apool swim up bar, stage, and places to play volley ball, basket ball, ect. Here where a couple 20 somethings running around dancing, splashing A d listening to akon.

While leaving, noticed that the American flag was hung upside down, a symbol of distress. Wonderful.

On the drive to Giza, while looking at the local botanical flora and fauna, I made a comment out loud about “what it would look like if they just let the bush grow?” it was taken out of context. Hilarity ensued.

Giza. Crushed it. Great pyramid. Awesome. Huge. Around the same Hight as the Pru, but 100% man made, unless your are into that stargate alien crap, in whichcase, defriend me now. Got to climb up the side of that sweetass pile of rocks. Goodtimes. Then we went and took a camel ride. Totally owned it. I had the landrover of camels, thing wouldn’t quit man, just walking all around, strutting his shit, like the Egyptian single humped camels do. Then we checked out the sphinx. After the climbing of the great pyramid and camel stuff, I was kinda underwhelmed by this dood, which suprised me, cause I was looking forward the it more than the rest of the stuff. Oh well.

Back to the hotel. Got jiggy in the pool for a hot second, then got dressed and headed to an apartment in Cairo for a hosted dinner. Awwwwkword… It was kinda strange, they sat us in a circle in the middle of the living room in some lady’s place without a table. Don’t get me wrong, tthe food was phenomenal, and the lady and her dad, who turned his hearing aid off so he couldn’t hear us where very nice, but I thought that they would initiate conversation with us rather than us sitting around like we where about to play duck duck goose or some shit. Eventually some of the other people pryed information out of her, and right once we started getting the real dirt, it was time to leave.

The ride to and from this trip was awesome, we where stuck in gridlock traffic, but it gave us the opportunity to really soak in the vibe of the city. It is filled with young people just running around looking fly, getting their post revolution flirt on. Lying to chicks about how hard they protested and shit. Also, I must say, the chicks here, rock the shit out of their head wraps, not all of them wear them, but most that do, just cover the hair and neck, and they accessorize them to the fullest, matching them with their dresses and purses and everything. Not a bad look.

Every time you are in traffic you see people doing the unbelievable, coming so close to hitting each other, but not. I saw 4 dudes on a moped. 4! (yes I have a picture).

After we got back, we chilled for a bit, and met at the “buddah bar” an upscale loungey spot in our hotel, that is sort of an elite chain that started in Paris, and is picking up pace. Cool digs, super chill, great laid back tunes, dim lighting with a very zen feel. We all got a few cocktails and chopped it up about food, work, a d ecerything, many laughs where had. Once again, a great group of people.

Alright. Bed time. Tomorrow, some Coptic churches, a Nile river fuluka cocktail thing, and some other stuff.

Should be fun



Steve and I, being men, standing near a pyramid.

Pyramids are cool.

Steve and I, being men, standing near a pyramid.

Pyramids are cool.



Cairo blog: day 3?… I think…

Day 3?

What day is it? I’m so confused. Set my phone to Cairo time, and I guess it’s wrong, cause we tried to get up for 7, ended up being 6, or something like that. Anyway, breakfast was amazing. I think the hummus here is made from angel baby crap, cause it looks like baby poo, but tastes like it’s from heaven. The coffee is STRONG, I’m flying off two cups. I’m getting used to this insanely nice hotel deal.

I have been told I have to wear pants today. Kinda feel like a fool for going bottomless the past day or so… I only brought one pair off long pants. I hope this isn’t a regular occurrence.

Steve ate some unlabeled shotglass off white creamy liquid. What else is new.

We loaded onto the bus to head to a mosque. Security failed to show up, who needs them anyway. We got to see some good old fashioned domestic violence on our ride, she fought back pretty well, I would have countered with an uppercut, as he left himself wide open after his follow through (gotta keep your guard up man, your makin us look bad as a sex!!)

Also, a gay guy on the back of a scooter blew me a kiss (I’m assuming he was gay, due to both of these facts). Glad to see they respect the aspects as Americans do pertaining to beauty here too.

If you havin mosque problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Islam aint one, hit me!

Just checked out two historic mosques, very beautiful. Our tour guide gave us some back ground on the Muslim religion. I was unaware that it was started by Muhammad Ali before the Frasier fight. Makes sense, that fight was no joke. J/k, but really, I learned some cool stuff that will be great for trivia nights perhaps! Such as the story of abraham (not the dude with the sweet hat) and the hodge, and how it is a recreation of it. And also the 5 pilsners of the Muslim religion, bud, bud lite, bud light lime, bud ice, and skunked bud. J/k, again (one more and I’m on fire!) it wasn’t pilsners, it was pillars.

We had to take off our shoes, or wear booties. Good times.

At one of them, a sharply dressed dude, wearing a sweet beanie did what I am sure was some sort of Muslim version of lady gaga, and the echo was awesome, the reverb on the other hand was “meh”.

Now we are off to have lunch at a park, that used to be a landfill, but is now supposedly Cairo’s answer the the frog pond. Welp, it’s not like there are going to be more homeless people anyway… A little note, I hoped on the information superhighway last night and got off exit 12 for Wikipedia, and turned left down Cairo lane, and found out that this figgen place has over 6 million people running around! The metro area has over 20 million as of 2006, and it is the 4th largest city inthe world. Suck on that pitsburg.

So, park was unreal. Totally makes the commons in Boston look bush league. It was filled with elaborate gardens, and fountains connected by mini canals built in the walk ways. In one area there where dozens of young couples canoodling under the shade of trees, enjoying the panoramic view of the Cairo skyline, they all looked so in love, I think 4 people in our group vomited just ny looking at them gaze at eachother with nothing but a look of innocent romance. It was filthy. In another section there where scores preteens running about, splashing in fountains and having waaaay touch fun without video games, the Internet, or even tv. Not sure what was wrong with them. One even politely introduced himself in perfect English, and asked my name. So I told him. He proceeded by telling me his age, and welcomed me to Egypt. WTF? That us nor how kids act? Arnt they supposed to ve little shit heads? Anyway, we had lunch. Again, the food was tip notch, fresh hesh (naan like bread) babbaganosh hummus, ect was awesome just like the rest if the meal. Pretty much paradise. But, they only had non-alcoholic beer. Pfft.

So, we left, for some reason, pretty sure I could curled up under a tree and hung out for a bit. But any way, we’re headed to the hotel.

Traffic is intense. It’s interesting being up higher in the van with it’s big windows, you can easily look into other people’s cars. I noticed a few if the smarter people where sportin Audi logos on their non German cars. Again, people with great taste, clearly.

While we where stuck in traffic, Scarlett Johanson came up. I stated that she was dead to me due to the Sean Penn thing. Anyone else with me? Tainted, right? I mean, dudes cool, but… But, tainted.

I asked about gang violence. I was told it wasn’t bad, and that there are no parts of Cairo that “you just don’t go to” and that it is safe to walk the streets at 3am. And I completely believed our tour guide. (note: it us opposite day)

The little grafitti that saw was piss poor. Really lacking in flavot and style, but, I guess, my second language graffiti is lacking too. Still, I refuse to judge these Toys on a curve.

The air quality here is terrible, besides the constant dust, the smog has give LA a run for it’s money. I was told it’s because of all the diesel cars.

The dust is nuts. Every building is covered with it (outside) many of them are very nice, and would look that way after a good power washing or two at noon and again at 6pm.

Also, I saw a bum throw a rock at a man (im assuming) because he wouldn’t give him Money while we where stuck in traffic.

As we get back around the Nile, and our hotel, the streets (sidewalks, the streets are actually in really good shape) get less debris and rubble filled, and you start to see really lush vegetation. I asked if it was natural/native, and was told that it was. The jury is still out on this one, but I am an admited cynical Dickhead, so it could be true, and I would like it to be. But u guess even if it’s not, it’s still aesthetically awesome and visually titillating. (I typed tit, haha) editors note: I did not type tit bi typed a hodgepodge of letters that was close to titillating, and my phones auto correct fixed it, as I am sitting in a van in stop and go traffic.

Back at the hotel, we changed into our swim suits and chilled out at the pool. Amazing spot. There is an An Infiniti pool that makes it look like you are swimming in the Nile, which actualled scared the bejesus out of me., seeing as I am iffy about getting in the Charles river…

Great time. Non of the ladies joined us, so it was just a pool full of dude. Steve asked me if i would blog about it i said i would, the he asked me if i was going to blog about the conversation that we where having about me blogging , i said yes, and bow inhave happy steve? Wonderful. Afterword we showered up and met in the executive lounge, for free drinks and “mezza”, the middle eastern equivalent of tapas. It was awesome. A few of us got a little boozer up, and discussed the pluses and minuses of being able to turn water in wine, and weather we would rather turn the Nile into white or red wine. It I think the overall consensus was white.

After a nice log gabbing/drink session. We headed out to “Le Deck” a floating restaurant at our hotel. We sat around, got some more drinks some light food, some sheeshah. And more convo.

Then we headed up to the casino, where I spent a whopping 24 us dollars on roulette and slots. (one slot machine screwed out of 20 cents, I won’t forget this Egypt…) now it’s time for bed. Gotta be up in 5 hours for breakfast…

Tomorrow: camel riding, the great pyramids, a carpet school?( I think kids either make or ride special carpets. I’ve been told that it is a cultural connection. If it’s anything like that tacky show love reception, it should be interesting. ) after that we eat lunch. This should be good. Food here has yet to disappoint. Then we head back to our hotel, chill. Then dinner time, where we will have a hist family take us into their house, and cook us their food. I’m interested in this. Welp, night y’all.



If you having mosque problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but the Nation of Islams not one, hit me!!!

If you having mosque problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but the Nation of Islams not one, hit me!!!



Sheesh on the Nile!

Sheesh on the Nile!



Day 2

Can it be considered day 2 if you haven’t slept yet? Anyway, here i am in Cairo, lying on bed gazing out over the view of the Nile from 20 floors up.

As I run over the rest of the trip that has passed in my mind, these are my thoughts: 1) national treasure = waaaay better than the da vinchi code, cause it lacked all that pompous “stuff” that most movies have these days (like good acting, story lines and characters. But for real, I really liked it a lot more) 2) I didn’t sleep a wink. It’s 4pm Cairo time, and 10am Boston time. I feel great though, something must be tragically wrong with me 3) talked to steve, he confirmed that he was a VERY gassy flier. I knew it 4) Cairo is BROWN. Def not like any of the carribian cities I have seen. 5) The drivers are nuts. Constant horns and sirens. 6) Our Tour guide uses the best “sizzle” words to to justify the armed guard in our van, and the under cover police detail that followed us to our hotel. ie “tradition” instead of “required so you won’t be killed” 6) this hotel is siiiick. Honestly, they bumped us up to executive level, and we have access to their lounge… So I walk in, after not showered or shaved for a day and a half, wearing a wrinkled (post 12 hour plane ride) white t, baseball hat, and shorts, and there 4 guys in full suits at a business meeting. I realized, this is why they want to kill us. Oops, my bad. Also they have some iMacs for us to use, bit no wifi… 7) I still don’t know what I think about the book. It’s intriguing enough, so far discussing the 3 types of people that cause “trends” to start, with case studies ranging from the revolutionary war, to hipster and what shoes they wear. 8) I’m in fucking Egypt right now, that’s sofa king sweet! 9) we saw the old Democratic parties building that was lit on fire during the revolution. It has been left to stand there, “as a reminder” I was told. Not sure if this is the truth, but if it is, it’s kinda cool. It’s like the anti-monument. Instead of building something to commemorate what they did, they let the chard remains of what they let happen for to long stick out like a middle finger, reminding them no tto let it happen again. But they also may just be too busy with other things to demolish it. 10) I don’t want to live here. 11) I can see the great pyramids from my balcony! 12) the weather is perfect, much cooler then I expected (esp. out of the sun) 13) well, about to head to a welcoming meeting where our tour guide will tell us more aboutthe trip, and what to do and what not to do. Then it is dinner time. 14) Dinner was awesome, we sat outside, right in the Nile, and had the best fresh made naan like bread with amazing bobaganush, and a few other traditional sides. Then they brought out various kabob meat, on our own personal grills. After dinner, it was time to spark the hookas and sip some tea. Everyone was very hesitant at first, but after steve and I opted in, that was the “tipping point” (titular referance, bam!) soon even some people that had never smoked before where enjoying it too the fullest, and how could you not? 15) awesome day, passing out to get up early, get some Bfast and see some sites!



Cairo Day 1

This was all typed on my phone at 4am. So spelling, grammar and logic have been thrown out the window. Anyway…

Woke up at normal time, packed a blue pen (foreshadowing) and had the gf drive steve and I to the airport as her birthday present. Also I gave Friel (a bonus roommate that is crashing on our couch for a few weeks, and as far as I can tell is undergoing a physiological study on how much easy Mac a post collegiate male Can consume) a standing ovation before we left. He deserved it, it was Friday after all. Oh, also found our hat there was a suicide bombing a few countries over that killed 80 people in retaliation for OBL being killed. Wonderful.

We Met up with the rest of the crew at Logan airport. A good group, 10 of us in all. 7 males, 3 females

At this point, a friend in the armed services had commeted a a Facebook status of mine, and subsequently messaged me, to tell me to give him a call if needed a quick translation while was getting robbed a d that he was Leary ongoing to Egypt without body armor And a high powered automatic weapon, and congratulated me on my testicular size, and informed that I should not trust anyone, and that I would more than likely be forced to defend the honor of the females in our group on more than one occasion. Wonderful.

We jetted off to JFK, landing around 1:30, to find out that more rioting was taking place in cairo. Wonderful. Our next flight loading at 5:40, we had some time to kill. When we went to check in we found that the check in was not open for another hour or so. Splendid. I sat on my carry on, and drained the battery of my phone by checking Facebook, reading rss feeds and listening to some music. After the little sucker died, I opened a book. The tipping point by malcome gladwell, I had heard that he was a sever over generalist, dangerously so, and wanted to see what it was all about. Plus the roots named an album after the book, so, I guess it might have something going for it, right? (note the roots also have an album named “phrenology”, so my previous statement is invalid)

Eventually, we got to check in! I was the first, in a silly Move on my part, I checked in independently of Steve, thereby screwing myself out of a Lounge Pass that 9 of the other guests got, as well as not sitting next to steve (he seems like a gassy plane rider, I don’t know why, but he just does, so, I was ok with this)

After asking around from a few people that had clipboards that made them look empowering and important, we were told that there was no way that I could get a free Lounge Pass. Remember the blue pen? It came in handy, as I turned the “1” on Steve’s Lounge Pass to a “2”. Our group entered all at once handing the attendant at the lounge all of the passes at the same time, I was able to shuffle in unnoticed. Wonderful.

Free Hennessy and Food. Wonderful. Got to know the rest of group a bit as we sat around a shot the shit for a few hours. Once a again, a good group.

We then meandered towards our loading gate, and boarded. I got on the plane and found to my deligt that I had both my own tv, but also a USB port so that I could charge my phone.

I played some paperboy, solitaire, and read some more of the book. He first few chapters about about syphilis in baltimore and hush puppies sneakers. Wonderful.

Suddenly I was asked “fish or chicken”. I correctly went with chicken. It was surprisingly good. Some nice spice.

They also gave me a bag with: headphones A sleeping mask a toothbrush The cutest smallest tube of toothpaste from Thailand! Socks..?

At this point started fidgeting with the tv thing in front of me. It had like 10 individual tv episodes from the us and middle east. An instant messenger program, where you can send chats to various seats troughot he plane (I tired 10-15 seats at random to see if I could find steve, but got nowhere. So I started looking the movies, where I found the acclaimed nic cage film “National Treasure”, where I think, someone is trying to steal the declaration of independence. (why not just ask Destiny’s Child for it, right?)

And thats where you find me now, somewhere over the atlantic, typing away on my phone, hahaha, nice cage just said “have their entrails cut out and burned!”. I have no idea what is going on in this movie. Wonderful.

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